A Beginner’s Guide To Locating The Ideal UK Electronic Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do; however, there are various methods one can undergo to complete this task. The most popular option at the moment is by using electronic cigarettes, but locating the ideal UK electronic cigarette can be tricky. This article provides a brief guide on how to find the best e-cig for your needs.


Reading electronic cigarette reviews

The first thing to do is to conduct some research into e-cigs and read recommendations. By reading reviews on third-party websites you will gain information from other individuals who have used the device. However, it is important to remember that some of these reviews will be fictitious and it is advised you read several reviews instead of one or two before purchasing the electronic cigarette.

Comparing different electronic cigarette kits

Once you have looked at reviews you may have limited your options to a specific number of kits and brands. Now is the time to compare the different kits and brands according to various details, such as effectiveness, design and cost. The cost of a kit will include such items as the refills of the e-cig, the battery replacements and the kit itself. You must find the option that best suits your needs and financial budget.

Speaking to electronic cigarette users

While you may have already perused different reviews, it is always recommended that you speak to people who have used the e-cig to gain a stronger idea of the device’s reliability. The reliability of an electronic cigarette is an important aspect as it contributes to effectiveness. Real life discussions are the best option; however, forums and groups are also available for this purpose.

Testing the different electronic cigarettes

The best method of determining whether an electronic cigarette is for you is by testing the item. To test an e-cig you are required to purchase a starter kit and refills which can be very costly. It is for this reason that many people are not fans of the ‘try and test’ method. Another reason many individuals are not keen on this alternative is the risk involved with different brands.

In conclusion, locating the most useful and beneficial UK electronic cigarette can seem an overwhelming task. However, when gaining some knowledge on the process to locate this ideal e cigarette you will notice it is not as daunting as originally anticipated.

Why Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokers face a lot of difficulties if they want to get rid of this bad habit. To overcome these obstacles, there are many ways to help you achieve this goal, including the electronic cigarette, which does not contain any tobacco, but only contains a so-called e-liquid with nicotine. These liquids are also available in different flavors.


The electronic cigarette is made in the form of a regular cigarette and is composed of three parts: the battery, which can be recharged, the capsule holding the e liquid and the actual holder.
The electronic cigarette works by creating heat with the use of the battery, which in turn will vaporize the e-liquid. This liquid consists of liquid propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, in addition to flavorings, some water and alcohol and nicotine. The liquid is available in different varieties, some of which are either high in nicotine, medium or low, or even contain no nicotine at all.

Research has proven that the steam that is emitted contained a lot less harmful substances than those found in traditional cigarette smoke; mostly because the steamdoes not contain any tar.

Even though E-cigarettes are a great alternative to regular cigarettes, you should still not expect them to have the exact same flavor. However, you will soon find yourself getting used to them and perhaps enjoying them even more than the smokes you were so heavily addicted to before.

In a study conducted by the University of Geneva, about the effects of steam propylene glycol, animals were exposed to high doses of the substance for a prolonged period of time. The results showed that the absence of the risk of cancer or any other health conditions were conclusive of te safety of these cigarettes.

Another study conducted at the University of of Virginia, showed that the e-cigarette, which works by vaporizing the nicotine solution instead of burning tobacco material, is not harmful to health and that smokers who use these cigarettes do not have access to harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes, such as tar.

All this means is that, if you have previously tried to stop smoking, yet have failed every time, electronic cigarettes might very well be worth a try. They do not contain harmful substances and do not have any negative effects on your health. However, they still provide you with enough nicotine, so you do not have to resort to smoking a traditional cigarette.

The Success Of The E Cigarette

e-cigarette-insideWhen the first e cigarettes were offered to the marketplace with any sophistication and finesse in 2009, a new phenomenon was initiated. Although initial sales were rather pathetic, like anything that is new, with sales in the 60,000 range, it appears that in 2014, over 1 billion will be sold.

The e cigarette is a cigarette like device that holds a glycol liquid that a mechanism heats and atomizes, causing it to give off a harmless vapor, that the “smoker” inhales and exhales, just as if a tobacco cigarette was being smoked. Thus the user can “smoke”, or “vape” as it is called, without having to encounter all of the health hazards of tobacco smoking.

There is little doubt that tobacco smoke is the main cause of lung cancer, with over 160,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States every year attesting to the fact of its harmful qualities. Tobacco smokers are switching over to the e cigs in droves for obvious reasons – they can have the same experience, with little health risk.

The container that hold the glycol liquid can also house different flavors such as fruity, menthol, cigarette taste, chocolate, and about any other taste one can imagine. Nicotine can also be mixed into the liquid in varying strengths.

A cigarette smoker can then switch to an e cig and keep the same level of nicotine, and enjoy that “nicotine hit” without having to suffer the effects of tobacco smoke. Or, the nicotine can be gradually lowered so as to taper off on the nicotine level, and get rid of it entirely while “vaping.”

The trend is intriguing enough, but now the major tobacco companies are getting into the act. Lolliard, the tobacco giant, recently bought Blu ECigs, one of the early pioneers of the e cigarette market. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has recently come out with its own brand of e cigarettes. With the deep pockets of big tobacco and their already established distribution networks, it is plausible that they will continue to make inroads into the marketplace.

Most of the surge of new users of the e cigarettes are former tobacco smokers, but that is a considerable number of people, and that grouping of people still only has a small number trying the new product.

Word is spreading however, mostly by word of mouth, and that alone is the most powerful method of advertising. It will be interesting to watch how this product evolves and grows and the market matures.

Could E Cigs Be Harmful To Our Health?

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new device on the market, and like any recent innovation the national press occasionally publish scare stories touting the potential dangers of the product. But are there any grounds to suspect that e-cigs could do more harm than good?

There are two main charges levied against electronic cigarettes. The first is that their perceived “safe” image could encourage people who are currently non-smokers to give vaping a try. Although the amount of nicotine emitted by this type of vaporizer is relatively low, it would be enough to cause an addiction if used regularly.


However, most scientists are extremely dismissive of this concern. Recent studies into the use of e-cigs have shown that it is extremely rare for a person to try electronic cigarettes unless they are already smoking tobacco versions. Non-smokers, it seems, are no more inclined to pick up a vaporizer than a regular cigarette.

This means that the concerns associated with the nicotine in electronic cigarettes are ill founded. Since the amount of nicotine in a vaporizer is lower than a cigarette, their use is actually helping a smoker to wean themselves off their addiction. Furthermore, the devices allow smokers to get a hit of nicotine without inhaling the poisonous chemicals which are found in tobacco.

The second criticism from those who would have tighter sanctions placed on electronic cigarettes is that we do not know the long term impact of the devices. After all, people were not aware that tobacco was harmful to their health when cigarettes first became popular and widespread.

Again, this worry seems to be overblown. It is true that there is no absolute certainty that the devices are suitable for long term use, as they have only been available for such a short period. But the majority of scientists are convinced that ill effects are very unlikely in the long term.

Cigarettes are harmful because of the tobacco, and not the habit forming nicotine they contain. Since electronic cigarettes contain only the nicotine it is highly unlikely that they can be in any way damaging to the user’s health. There is also no likelihood of risk to any bystanders while a person is vaping, since the devices do not emit a smoke filled with toxic chemical compounds in the same way as cigarettes do.

In conclusion it can be said with confidence that electronic cigarettes certainly do more good than harm. They are popular only among those people who are already suffering from a nicotine addiction, and given the choice between a real cigarette and an e-cigarette there is no question about which one is healthier. At present there is absolutely no justification for proposing tighter regulation of the devices.

People will always be wary of new products. Since many things we now know are harmful for us were once assumed to be safe, this distrust is understandable. However, there is very little scientific basis for the claim that e-cigarettes could be bad for us.